gallery wall on a white background. five pictures in silver wooden frames with prints of flowers, a still life and landscapes.

10 Cottagecore Decor Ideas to Create a Cozy Home

With cozy season being in full swing, I want to share 10 cottagecore decor ideas to create a cozy home in this blog post. In case you are not familiar with the term cottagecore, let’s start off by clarifying it’s meaning, shall we?

snippet of gallery wall with botanical and landscape prints on a white wall and a text saying: 10 cottagecore decor ideas to create a cozy home

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Table of Content: 10 Cottagecore Decor Ideas to Create a Cozy Home

What is Cottagecore?
Cottagecore Decor Idea #1: Throw Pillows
Cottagecore Decor Idea #2: Blankets
Cottagecore Decor Idea #3: Candles
Cottagecore Decor Idea #4: Books
Cottagecore Decor Idea #5: Paintings
Cottagecore Decor Idea #6: Food on Display
Cottagecore Decor Idea #7: Nostalgic Everyday Items
Cottagecore Decor Idea #8: Wreaths / Plants / (Dried) Flowers
Cottagecore Decor Idea #9: Baskets
Cottagecore Decor Idea #10: Incorporating Wood Tones

two handmade candles burning. the candles are sitting on a wooden table next to some felted heart ornaments and some greenery.

What is Cottagecore?

“Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside. It encourages a lifestyle rooted in traditional skills – like baking bread, gardening, and sewing your own clothes.” [1]

As you can imagine – if you have been a reader for some time – I absolutely adore the fundamentals of the cottagecore aesthetic. And whether or not you aim to recreate the feeling of a charming, rustic cottage located in the English countryside, I strongly believe that most homes will benefit from adding a few touches of coziness here and there. If you decide to add just one cozy accessories in one room of your house or a number of them is totally up to you.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #1: Throw Pillows

Throw pillow add instant warmth and coziness to any living space. You can easily switch out the cushion covers for each season.

a window seat with several cozy pillows, an open book, a lit beeswax candle, a vase with a dried hydrangea and a cup of teas sitting on the window sill

If you enjoy making your own throw pillows, here are two suggestions for you:

I am not affiliated with the designers of the pillow patterns that I mention in any way. I don’t receive any commissions when you purchase one of their patterns. I am sharing the patterns as a source of inspiration, because I really like them and think you will enjoy them, too. The designers generously allowed me to use their pictures.

This Bobble Sheep Pillow is a free knitting pattern by Purl Soho and I think it looks absolutely charming. Knitters naturally tend to like sheep and this one is an especially cute version!

You can get even more inspiration on knitted pillow covers in this blog post.

And in case you prefer to crochet, the Dahlia Pillow by Sylwia from MyCrochetery would be a great option for you. The pattern is available for free on Sylwias website.

Another great option for a handmade cushion cover, if you know the basics of how to sew, is to recycle an old sweater and turn it into a pillow. You can find a full tutorial in this blog post.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #2: Blankets

Similar to throw pillow, adding blankets to a couch instantly increases its appeal. And while any blanket will work, I especially like the look of handmade blankets. Whether it’s a quilt or a woolly blanket, adding a blanket on a couch or armchair will immediately evoke the urge to snuggle up.

a greyish blue couch with four throw pillows in different colors and a colorful crochet blanket on it.

If you are a crocheter and have a lot of yarn scraps, this blog post might be for you. In it, I share two free patterns for scrappy blankets. Personally, I have started both of these blankets years ago and add to them over time.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #3: Candles

A blog post about cozy decor would not be complete without mentioning candles. Nothing feels cozier during wintertime than some blazing flames when it‘s dark outside. Be it from a crackling fire in a woodstove or a couple of lit candles, creating a warm glow of candlelight.

two beeswax candles in glass jars, a cream sweater and a hand holding a burning match

Recently, I came across a small business on Etsy which creates the most beautiful all natural candles. It is called CasaAvo and the owners are Graciela and Isabel, a mother and daughter team. They very generously sent me these candles so that I can show them to you. They are made from rapeseed (canola) wax and are scented with essential oils. The smell is absolutely amazing and I adore the look of their candles.

two handmade candles that are sitting on a wooden table next to some felted heart ornaments and some greenery.
two handmade candles burning. the candles are sitting on a wooden table next to some felted heart ornaments and some greenery.

If you are on the lookout for beautiful, sustainable candles, you should definitely check out CasaAvo.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #4: Books

I am not sure why, but the look of bookcases in a living rooms revokes an instant feeling of coziness. Maybe because we get reminded of the feeling of being in a library with its serene and calming atmosphere.

woman standing in front of a large white bookcase filled with books

In the last couple of years, collecting and displaying old books with beautiful spines has become a popular trend. And while I like the look of it, I personally prefer to only own books that we actually read. Although the colors are not perfectly coordinated, the books still make a beautiful and cozy addition to our living room.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #5: Paintings

gallery wall on a white background. five pictures in silver wooden frames with prints of flowers, a still life and landscapes.

Paintings are a wonderful way to add personality and charm to any room. They tell a lot about the residents of the home they are in. And since this is a blog post about cottagecore decor, I want to show you this gallery wall in our kitchen. Since gallery walls can seem a bit messy, I tried to pull everything together by using the same type of frame, only in different sizes. All of the pictures are actually rather inexpensive prints. Here is a list of the sources, in case you are interested:

Wildflower Field Landscape (digital download)

Still Life (digital download)

Mountain Lake (print)

Pressed Flowers (print)

Woman in Pantry: Winter Stores by Loré Pemberton (print)

Cottagecore Decor Idea #6: Food on Display

Nothing represents a nostalgic, from scratch lifestyle more than a cozy, welcoming kitchen that smells of homemade cookies or freshly baked bread. Throughout the whole year, I always have some food on display in our kitchen. Whether it’s a ceramic bowl filled with apples, pumpkins on the table or a glass jar full of cookies, incorporating food as part of the decor definitely adds to the simple life charm of any kitchen.

white pitcher filled with cosmos in different shades of pink, next to three white small pumpkins. the arrangement is sitting on a wooden table and there is a white bench in the background.
three glass jars filled with dried goods on a black surface and in front of a white background.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #7: Nostalgic Everyday Items

Continuing with the kitchen theme, another great way to naturally increase the feeling of coziness in your home is to display everyday pieces like aprons. On the picture you can see a wooden rack that is hanging in our kitchen. We use it to hang our aprons and dish towels. The braided bunch of onions adds to the nostalgic charm. Come to think of it, it is also an additional way to have food on display (see #6).

a wooden rack with a picture in a wooden frame above. on the rack are an apron, a kitchen towel and a bunch of braided onions.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #8: Wreaths / Plants / (Dried) Flowers

Plants add a natural, refreshing touch to every space, no matter your decor style. Hanging a wreath on the front door is a simple way to make every visitor feel welcome when entering your home. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Incorporating flowers (freshly cut in the summer and dried in the winter) or houseplants are easy ways to bring a touch of nature into your home.

a wreath with greenery and some faux red berries and mushrooms hanging on a grey door. the door is open and you can see part of the hallway of the house.

Looking for some wreath ideas? In these blog posts I show you step-by-step how to make simple yet beautiful wreaths for your front door:

How to Make a Dried Flower Wreath

dried flower wreath in purple, pink, white and yellow on a wooden table

How to Make a Fragrant Wreath

wreath made out of lavender, oregano, tarragona, lemon verbena and rosemary

DIY Spring Wreath

willow wreath decorated with glysophila and goldenrod and an hand painted easter egg

Cottagecore Decor Idea #9: Baskets

There are lots of different ways to store items all throughout your house. One particularly charming option is to use baskets made out of natural materials like wicker to hold items that are used frequently. On the picture you can see an old basket that is sitting next to our couch. It holds not only some of our blankets but usually also my current knitting project.

a brown wicker basket sitting on a wooden floor in a corner. the basket is filled with two colorful crochet blankets.

And in case you want to store something that you don’t want to have on display, wicker storage trunks are a wonderful alternative.

Cottagecore Decor Idea #10: Incorporating Wood Tones

Lastly, this post about ways to create a cozy home wouldn’t be complete without talking about the power of flooring and furniture choices. While this is not an easy swap, I can only encourage you to consider opting for wood flooring when renovating a room. In my opinion, nothing evokes an instant feeling of warmth and coziness when entering a room like wooden floors. On the picture, you can see our 110 year old floor boards that we restored. During the renovation phase of our home, several tradesmen suggested that we throw these old boards out and get new flooring instead. But we absolutely love the imperfect charm they exude.

old wooden floor boards and some branches of a Christmas tree with ornaments in the corner of the picture.

The same goes for furniture. If you like the nostalgic cottagecore vibe, wooden cabinets and dressers are a wonderful option to add warmth coziness to your home.

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wooden coat rack with apron, dish towel and braided onion bunch hanging on it. a picture in a wooden frame is hanging above the rack. there is a text saying: 10 cottagecore decor ideas to create a cozy home.

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