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The Best Knitting Podcasts in 2024

In this blog post I will share the best knitting podcasts in 2024 with you. At least, these are my personal favorites at the moment and I can totally recommend that you check them out if you don’t know them yet.

Let’s dive right into the list, shall we?

Suggestion #1: Knitting a Good Yarn Podcast

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The hostesses of the Knitting a Good Yarn Podcast are Jackie and Carmen. They are both Canadian and love knitting with rustic yarn. Watching them is like being a silent listener to a lively conversations between two best friends about all things knitting.

The format of this podcast is a bit special because the videos are completely unedited. This means not only that the episodes are reaaallly long (we are talking around three hours) – which I don’t think is a bad thing at all – there are also sometimes interruptions like a ringing doorbell or barking dogs. Personally, I don’t mind this kind of uniqueness. I think that the personalities of both Carmen and Jackie really come through in their podcast and I really appreciate that. Another wonderful thing about the Knitting a Good Yarn Podcast is the absolute love for knitting that both of these ladies have and it shines through when they talk.

So, if you like to have some company while knitting, want to learn more about knitting with unspun yarn – aka Nutiden from Höner och Eir – or just want to be inspired by beautiful knitting patterns and yarn color combinations, you should have a look at the Knitting a Good Yarn Podcast.

Suggestion #2: Danish Musings

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The hostess of the Danish Musings Podcast is called Helle and she is from Denmark – as you might have guessed by the name of her podcast.

Helle has a very soothing, calm aura and I love listening to her well thought through thoughts about knitting. She has a wonderful sense of style and knows really well how to combine patterns and yarns to fit her color palette. Helle knits an impressive amount of sweaters.

Her Youtube channel contains a mixture of knitting podcasts and travel vlogs since she is also a part-time travel guide.

Suggestion #3: Eva

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Evas podcast used to be called The Charm of It and later on The Crafted Spoon before she took a break from podcasting a couple of years ago. But she has recently started filming some episodes again which I am really excited about.

Eva is such a sweet soul. She is very thoughtful and compassionate and I always feel like her personality shines through really well in her podcast. She is also an absolutely terrific knitter and I have learned so much from her when I first discovered her channel years ago.

Eva is American and lives in the state of New York.

Suggestion #4: Joji’S Knitting Journal

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You probably already know Joji Locatelli because she is an excellent and popular knitting pattern designer. I have been watching her podcast – called Joji’s Knitting Journal – since she first started it in 2018.

Joji lives in Buenos Aires and I really like it when she shares bits and pieces about her life as an Argentinian. It’s so interesting to learn about different cultures and different ways of living.

In some of the episodes, Joji is accompanied by her mom, who is an experienced knitter as well. I love watching the two of them interact because you can absolutely tell that they have a very loving relationship. Joji herself has a very sweet and thoughtful personality and watching her podcast is always a treat.

Suggestion #5: Stitched in Sweden

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The hostess of the Stitched in Sweden podcast is called Maria and she is American. She lives in Sweden – hence the name of the podcast – and has a Swedish husband.

Maria is not only a knitter, she is also a seamstress which I really like. She has two small daughters – and is currently pregnant with her third child – which means that she knits and sews not only for herself but for her girls as well. I really appreciate this fact because it is so inspiring to me.

And that’s it, my current list of favorite knitting podcast. Do you like to have some company in the form of a knitting podcast while working on your current knitting project as well?

If so, I actually just started my own knitting podcast.
So if you share my love for natural, rustic yarns and would like to know what I am currently knitting, you should check it out: Rosemary & Pines Fiber Arts Knitting Podcast

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And if you have any knitting podcast recommendations, please share in the comments so that we can all inspire each other!

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  1. Renee Tozzi says:

    I always enjoy your posts.

    While knitting, it’s best that I don’t watch TV, as I tend to make mistakes, so audiobooks have been my best option, but I think I would like to check out these podcasts, starting with yours!

    My sisters and I, plus one other friend gather for “Sister Night” once a week and I am the only knitter, as they all crochet, so while we all are avid yarn collectors, I lack knitting companionship. I look forward to gaining that from your podcast. Thanks for doing it and also for the recommendations.

    1. says:

      Hi Renee, Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Your Sister Night sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love to have something like this with my sister – but unfortunately, she is not into fiber arts at all. That’s probably why I like watching knitting podcasts to keep me company… 🙂

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