This is an overview of all the blog posts I have published so far. The posts are listed newest to oldest.


Summer 2024:

Learning how to spin fiber into yarn

My Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2024

Winter 2023/2024:

The Best Knitting Podcasts in 2024

Natural Dyeing with Madder

Natural Red Dyes for Yarm & Fabric

Are Natural Dyes Sustainable?

DIY Pressed Flower Candle Holders


Winter 2023/2024:

Creating a Handmade Wardrobe: 2023 Recap

10 Cottagecore Decor Ideas to Create a Cozy Home

Easy DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards

Cold Water Mordant: Aluminium Triformate

Fall 2023:

Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) as a Natural Dye Modifier

Natural Yellow Dyes for Yarn and Fabric

9 Mistakes to Avoid in Natural Dyeing

6 Knit Pillow Patterns that make your home feel cozy

12 Hobbies to Relax and Unwind

Simple Beginner’s Guide to Pen, Ink and Watercolor Painting

Yarn Dyeing Techniques

Summer 2023:

Natural Green Dyes for Yarn and Fabric

Learning is a Lifelong Skill Part 2

Natural Fibers in Yarn

Learning is a Lifelong Skill (+ Recommendations)

How to Dye with Logwood

Our Approach Towards Sustainable Gardening

Spring 2023:

DIY Painted Wooden Peg Dolls

Building a Handmade Wardrobe: Sewing Book Recommendation

Versatile Sewing Patterns for Tops (Women) – 3 Recommendations

Hand Painted Watercolor Easter Eggs Tutorial

Why Caring for your Clothes is Important

How to Care for (Handmade) Garments

Winter 2023:

How to Modify a Knitting Pattern for a Different Yarn Weight

How to Make a Dried Flower Wreath

Dyeing Yarn with Elderberry (Elder)

Our Approach Towards Sustainable Housing


Fall 2022:

Wardrobe Staple Knitted Cardigans (3 Favorite Knitting Patterns)

Easy Hat Knitting Patterns (3 Recommendations)

Easy Yoke Sweater Knitting Pattern (Three Favorites)

Summer 2022:

How To Dye With Nettles

Overdyeing And Modifying Yarn Colors You Don’t Like

How To Dye With Dyer’s Chamomile (Solar Dyeing)

Free & Simple Floral Border Embroidery Pattern

Spring 2022:

How To Dye Yarn With Dandelions

Embellished Candles DIY

More About Rosemary & Pines Fiber Arts And Natural Dyes

DIY Spring Wreath

Natural Dye Plants: An Overview

How To Use Up Leftover Sock Yarn (Free Knitting Pattern)

Bundle Dyeing With Natural Materials

Winter 2021/2022:

How To Dye With Indigo

How To Dye Fabric With Natural Dyes

Schneeflöckchen Hat Knitting Pattern – Tips & Tricks


Winter 2021/2022:

Recycle A Sweater Into A Pillow

5 Handmade Natural Star Ornaments

Gingerbread House Christmas Card DIY & Template

Fall 2021:

Fiber Craft Gift Ideas for Creative Kids

Useful Knitted Gifts for Babies (My Top 3 Suggestions)

Dyeing Yarn With Rosemary

Embroidery For Beginners

Knitting With All Natural Sock Yarn (My 7 Tips)

A Story About The Meaning Of Life or The Book That Changed My Life

The Privilege Of Living In The 21st Century

DK Weight Sock Knitting Patterns: 6 Recommendations

How To Dye Yarn With Coffee

DIY Aroma Stones

Natural Dyeing with Onion Skins

How To Write And Self-Publish Knitting Patterns (Part II)

How To Write And Self-Publish Knitting Patterns (Part I)

Summer 2021:

Cold Process Goldenrod & Honey Soap

Solar Dyeing Yarn With Natural Dyes

Natural Dyeing With Amaranth

5 Free & Simple Sock Knitting Patterns: My Recommendations

How To Make A Fragrant Wreath

Natural Dyes vs. Synthetic Acid Dyes

Natural Dyeing With Cochineal

The Best Summer Yarns: Wool Yarn Alternatives For Summer Knitting

Knitting Patterns for Summer Tops: 5 suggestions

Creating A Handmade Wardrobe

Natural Dyeing with Avocado: Pits vs. Skins

How To Make Elderflower Syrup (Cordial)

Benefits of Living in an Old House

Spring 2021:

7 Plant Materials From The Woods You Can Use For Natural Dyeing

Simple Homemade Granola

Simple & Sustainable Day In The Life

5 Weeds & Wildflowers You Can Use For Natural Dyeing

5 Kitchen Scraps You Can Use For Natural Dyeing

6 Garden Plants You Can Use For Natural Dyeing

What to Knit with Sock Yarn besides Socks?

How to Make Cold Process Soap: Soap Making for Beginners

How to Dye Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

How To Be A Test Knitter

Simple, Eco-Friendly Spring & Easter Decorating Ideas

5 More Tips How to Simplify your Life

Tannins as Natural Mordants

Winter 2020/2021:

5 Tips How To Simplify Your Life

Simple Living

How to sew a cloud pillow DIY sewing tutorial

Merinolandschaf (German Merino sheep) – German sheep breeds

Coburger Fuchsschaf (Coburg Fox Sheep) – German Sheep Breeds

What is a Mordant? (Mordants for Natural Dyes)

Natural Dyeing Books

How to Dye Yarn with Natural Dyes


Winter 2020/2021:

How to make natural candles simple DIY tutorial

Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternative

How to Make a Christmas Card DIY Tutorial

Knitted & Crocheted Christmas Gifts Pattern Suggestions

Simple Crochet Blankets for Beginners

Fall 2020:

How to make a natural deodorant simple DIY tutorial