white christmas card with two watercolor baubles and a text saying merry christmas on a wooden table, next to some greenery, a read and white ribbon and a natural tea towel

Easy DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards

In this blog post I will share an easy DIY watercolor Christmas cards tutorial with you. Every holiday season, I like to come up with a new idea for handmade Christmas cards. Since this is a craft project that I do together with my children, the Christmas card ideas are usually simple and easy to do, even for beginners, while still looking appealing.

a hand holding a handmade christmas card and an advent wreath with red candles in the background.

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This year, we decided to paint with watercolor. If you have read some of my previous posts, you might know that I started to learn how to paint with watercolor and ink over the summer. You can have a look at this blog post which contains all the details about which tools I use and how I got started. Therefore we used the watercolor palette and brushes I got for this new interest of mine.

However, you don’t need expensive watercolor pigments; a children’s watercolor palette will suffice. Just be mindful of water amounts to prevent warping if using regular cards instead of watercolor-specific ones. We decided to simply use regular cards and it worked just fine.

Easy Diy Watercolor Christmas Cards

List of Materials

  • Blank Cards:
    We chose a classic white version
an open watercolor palette by winsor and newton on a wooden table.
  • Brush:
    We used two different brushes for the cards, sizes 6 and 12. The brushes I own are from the brand da Vinci. I am happy with them and can recommend them.
  • Ink:
    If you want to paint with both watercolor and ink, you need a drawing ink that is waterproof. This is the ink set I own and I’m very happy with it: Faber Castell Pitt Artist Set.
    My pens are all black, but you can also get them in other colors. For the Christmas cards, I used the pen in size B.
four ink pens from the faber castell pitt artist series on a wooden table

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Watercolor Christmas Baubles

  1. Start by painting two large circles with your watercolor and brush. It doesn’t matter if the baubles are not exactly in the same size or if one sits a bit higher than the other. On the contrary, this will add to the charm and unique look of the card.
a childrens hand holding a brush, painting a blue watercolor circle on a white card. the card is laying on a wooden table.
childrens hand holding a brush painting a red watercolor circle on a white card

If you want to learn how to hold the brush in order to create a circle, I recommend that you have a look at this tutorial from watercolor artist Jenna Rainey: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor

a childrens hand holding a brush about to paint a red circle on a white card. a green watercolor circle is already on the card.
  1. Take your ink pen and draw a horizontal line on the top of the card. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.
  1. With your ink pen, add two vertical lines as hangers for the Christmas baubles. On the top of each bauble, add a little bow.
a white card with a red and blue watercolor christmas bauble on it, laying on a wooden table. an ink pen is laying on top of the card.
  1. Add a greeting of your choice – we obviously chose Merry Christmas – to your card.
a white card with a yellow and blue christmas bauble and a text saying merry christmas. the card is laying on a wooden table.

And that’s it! Simple yet special Christmas cards, bearing the warmth of a handmade creation, that took just a couple of minutes to make.

seven handmade watercolor christmas cards laying on a wooden table

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three cardboard cards with a star embroidered on them

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two pictures, one of a watercolor palette and one of a handmade christmas card. a text saying watercolor christmas card ideas.


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