If you want to learn how to dye yarn and fabric with natural dyes, make sure to also check out my Youtube channel Rosemary & Pines Fiber Arts.

It contains step-by-step tutorials about different natural dyeing topics.

a woman holding a yellow skein of yarn. a second picture is showing a basket filled with colorful skeins of yarn. a text saying: How to dye yarn at home with natural dyes

You know that feeling when you want to learn something new but feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start?

This is how I felt when I discovered the world of natural dyeing six years ago.
I’m Annika, a natural yarn dyer with a firm belief that the world will be a better place once we all start to create more and consume less.
I have a background in science which allows me to break down the different aspects of the natural dyeing process into easy to understand, step-by-step tutorials for you.

Want to learn more about the fascinating topic of natural yarn dyeing and connect with nature at the same time?

I have created a beginner’s guide to natural dyeing that contains everything you need to know to get started. And the best thing: it is available for free!

four hand dyed skeins of yarn in shades of purple and blue on a wooden surface and a text saying beginner's guide: www.rosemaryandpinesfiberarts.de. natural dyeing. everything you need to know to get started dyeing yarn with natural dyes