You can find my hand dyed yarns in my Etsy Shop RosemaryAndPinesFA.

basket full of colourful skeins of naturally dyed yarns

It is very important to me to be environmentally friendly and intentional with the hand dyed yarns I create. Here a few facts you should know about my small company and my yarn in particular:

All of my yarns are naturally dyed

I exclusively dye my yarns with natural dyes. I don’t utilize any synthetic acid dyes. Whenever possible, I try to use plant material that is local to me. I either gather it from my own garden or the surrounding area.

three skeins of yarns naturally dyed with avocado

All of my yarns are 100% wool

Avoiding plastic whenever possible is important to me both in my business and my personal life. Therefore I only use 100% wool yarn without any additional synthetic content (like nylon or polyester). Especially when it comes to sock yarn, nylon is often added to enhance the stability of the yarn. My yarns on the other hand are spun with a high twist to provide the necessary stability.

Additionaly, my yarns are all non-superwash. A superwash treatment means that the yarn is machine washable and not prone to felting. It is usually done with a coating of polymer or resin or an acid bath to remove the scales of the fibers. This means that the wool looses some of it’s natural properties and gets covered in plastic. It is therefore not biodegradable anymore.
Although my yarns are all non-superwash, they still can be washed in a washing machine if you use the wool-program.

three skeins of yarn naturally dyed with indigo

All of my yarns are organic

The treatment of the sheep is very important to me and I only want to support shepherds who prioritize the well-being of their flock. Therefore all of my yarns are organic. This means that the animal welfare and feeding follows the guidelines of organic agriculture. There are also no pesticides involved both on the sheep and the pasture. Fortunately mulesing is not an issue here in Germany since it is prohibited.

three skeins of yarn naturally dyed with indigo

All of my yarns are from German sheep

I exclusively use wool from sheep from my home country Germany. The main reason for this is that I want to avoid transporting over long disctances. Therefore the wool is not only sourced but also spun – and of course, naturally dyed by myself – here in Germany. It is also a way for me to promote and support the local wool industry. At the moment I offer yarn from two different German sheep breeds in my shop: German Merino and Coburg Fox. Due to the harsher climatic conditions the wool from German merino sheep is not as soft as e.g. Australian merino. But it still creates a beautiful, cozy yarn which is suitable for both accessories and garments.