two red card with cardboard gingerbread houses on them next to some beeswax ornaments and branches

Gingerbread House Christmas Card DIY & Template

Today I want to share this year’s homemade Christmas cards along with a gingerbread house Christmas card DIY tutorial with you.

My kids and I have been making our own Christmas cards for several years now. I am always gathering inspiration throughout the year for simple and sustainable Christmas card ideas. Last year we made Christmas cards with some simple embroidered stars. And this year I was inspired by some gingerbread house garlands I saw online. I have a “Handmade Christmas Projects” board on Pinterest where I compiled some inspiration pictures.

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Gingerbread House Christmas Card DIY

List of Materials

a red blank card, a piece of cardboard and a white permanent marker

Blank cards – I used cards in a burgundy color for a festive touch

Cardboard Box – preferably with no or only little prints on it

Scissors – to cut the cardboard

White Marker – to draw the embellishments

Pencil – to trace the house silhouettes onto the cardboard

Glue – to stick the gingerbread house onto the card

Tutorial on How to Make a Gingerbread House Christmas Card

  1. Trace and cut out some house shapes from the cardboard. Make sure to check the rough measurements you want your houses to be in proportion to the blank card.
two house silhouettes cut out from a cardboard box
  1. Line the contours of the houses with a white permanent marker.
two gingerbread houses made out of a cardboard box and some branches next to them
  1. Draw some gingerbread house-like house fronts onto the cardboard.
two gingerbread house made out of a cardboard box and some branches next to them
  1. Glue the cardboard houses onto the fronts of the blank cards. Tip: I recommend writing your card first before gluing on the cardboard houses.
two gingerbread houses made out of a cardboard box on a red card and some branches next to them

Further Options:

Add some festive wishes like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays” or “Holiday Greetings” to the front of the cards.

Further embellish the gingerbread houses with some glitter.

gingerbread house made from cardboard next to some branches and mini Christmas ornaments


Don’t want to get creative and draw your own embellishments? Don’t worry, I created a template specifically for you. You can download and print out the template and replicate the houses shown in the pictures.

Are you making your own Christmas cards as well? What kind of cards do you make? Come share in the comments below!

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how to make a gingerbread house christmas card diy tutorial pinterest graphic
how to make a gingerbread house christmas card diy tutorial pinterest graphic

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